Secrets of Real Romance

Secrets of Real Romance

One of the deadly seven sins is Lust to want a woman.  Are you lusting for romance?

What is romance anyway?

What comes first to your mind Cupid the Greek god of desire?  It is no secret that Cupid did indeed have a bow and arrow that was filled with uncontrollable desire.

Cupid also had a counterpart

Eros an adult male who embodies sexual power but more importantly he was the Greek god of love.

Do you believe the dictionary definition? A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

Romance is what you make of it but its most certainly not just a state of mind.

Teddy bears are romantic. Puppies are romantic. Champagne is romantic.

Taking advantage of the intrinsic romance in cute things. The rule is simple. Small things are cute. If you see little kitty looking good there’s a very good chance it’s cute…

Red and purple is romantic, because red is the color of love and passion. Consider roses. Red roses mean, “I love you. Get her red roses, red ribbons, red balloons, red teddy bears, red puppies, and red tickets to the World Series, and she’ll fall hopelessly under your spell.

Buy her purple “purple hues represent that feminine energy and delicacy, as well as romantic and nostalgic feelings.”

Purple is definitely romantic because of its passionate, unpredictable and quixotic characteristics.

You don’t have a partner so how can you find that spark. Where do I find romance if I do not have a woman?

True secrets of romance

London Prive is romantic escort agency

London Escort guide I am sure you will find plenty of romantic escorts

James bond can be romantic at times with bottle of Bollinger

So you know what romance is but being an intelligent person you want more ideas try watching some romantic movies.

Pride & Prejudice

Originally a romance novel set in England later adapted for television in 1995

Then adapted into a movie in 2005

Gone with the Wind

An American epic historical romance film of 1939


An American epic romance-disaster film

Dirty Dancing

An American romantic drama dance film

Still can’t seem to find romance and you are singe why not start dating you will learn pretty quickly what is romantic. Remember romance is not just a state of mind.

The only thing that sets you apart from romance is you and your mind.

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